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Cerephex® believes the ability to safely
and effectively treat central sensitivity in
chronic pain will revolutionize treatment
paradigms for pain management and
significantly impact on healthcare costs
Cerephex is developing technologies for treating and diagnosing chronic pain. We're focusing on central sensitivity, an alteration of pain
processing in the brain that causes pain amplification and perpetuation in chronic pain conditions.

Pain that arises because of tissue damage or inflammation is called acute, or "nociceptive", pain. This pain is felt when the brain processes
signals from peripheral nerves associated with the damaged tissue. However, chronic pain is different. In recent years, chronic pain
researchers have discovered that the brain can amplify peripheral signals, and it can even generate the perception of pain in the absence of
peripheral involvement altogether. When this occurs, the pain becomes "centralized" and chronic.

Published neuroimaging studies are showing that central sensitivity is pathologically relevant in numerous chronic pain conditions including
fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, chronic back pain, chronic headache, and may also be involved in depression pain.

Neuroimaging research studies have also provided key understandings about central sensitivity's role in chronic pain:
- Increased brain activity in central sensitivity is a key in maintaining chronic pain
- Brain activity associated with central sensitivity is significantly correlated with increased pain perception
- Centralized chronic pain processing includes brain networks not normally activated by acute pain

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